​There are over 600 people in BC waiting for an organ transplant. 80% of those are waiting for kidneys. 

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What Is Live Then Give?

Did You Know?
Live Then Give
c/o PI Financial - Port Coquitlam
101 - 2655 Mary Hill Rd.
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6R9


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Did You Know?

Your Drivers Licence is no longer enough! Register your wishes at BC Transplant or complete a form at your nearest Driver Services Centre or BC Service Centres.

95% of British Columbian's support the concept of organ donation, yet only 20% of those have actually registered their decision.

We wish to continue our efforts in raising organ donor awareness by helping others fund projects, much like Live Then Give. This is our legacy.

Until the waiting list for organs is eliminated the Live Then Give fund will flourish and continue to help others.​​ 

Saving Lives Through Organ Donation

Live Then Give is a project founded by Amanda and Guy Lapierre when Amanda hit her 10 year anniversary of her life-saving liver transplant. She ventured on a journey throughout the Province of BC to raise the organ donation registration rates and educate those who have yet to register their decisions. 

It was a successful tour, however, there was an obvious need for more outreach, more community involvement and more unity to educate the general public about what organ donation means and the legacy it may leave behind. 

Saving lives through organ donation and raising awareness by funding projects in BC to help eliminate the wait for those awaiting a life-saving organ transplant.